Are You Moving and Shaking?

Pleased to say that after meeting with Joy Hales, Editor of Derbyshire Life, I’m on the lookout for people in Derbyshire who could be classified as a “mover” or a “shaker”. I am looking for anyone who is doing something different or doing something well – preferably both, who would like to be photographed and featured in the county’s popular glossy monthly.

I’ll be writing a 500 mini feature about each subject and while it will be good publicity for whoever is selected, it’s not meant to be an opportunity for a free plug.

If you know someone, either in business or working in the community who is a bit of a star, then let me know. If you are that person then don’t let your natural modesty get the better of you, get in touch.

The plan is to feature someone every other month, so that’s six per year. No doubt competition will be fierce but if you are the sort of person who’s right for the feature, then you’ll want to let me know and you won’t be shy when it comes to having your picture in the magazine.

Don’t worry it’s not going to cost you anything and the exposure could be just the business break you’re looking for. Email me with your contact details: and I’ll give you a call. Naturally this only applies to people in Derbyshire or very close to it, so if you’re based overseas or too far away – sorry, you’ll have to wait until I get a contract with one of the Nationals.

Are You Moving and Shaking?

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