Dynamic Social Promotion

Social Media for dynamic business promotion

The Social Media landscape is constantly moving and every month brings revisions and added features to each of the numerous channels. For business promotion some are better than others but all have a role to play.

  • Share real time updates – in the lead up to an event and while it’s in progress, let people know what’s going on.
  • Set up a page on Facebook and company profile on LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the most effective for companies that work mainly in the B2B sector while Facebook is a superb way for those who deal with consumers to engage more.
  • When setting up a Facebook page don’t forget to register a ‘vanity’ URL – e.g. facebook.com/reddogphoto – it looks so much better than a long string of numbers. Facebook used to insist you had a minimum of 25 likes before you could do this, but recently they’ve relaxed the conditions.
  • Respond to posts – use positive and negative comments to engage clients, customers, prospects or the public at large. Be sure to address any issues before they fester.
  • Post photographs and video clips – use images wherever you can, images of people, products or premises to create a buzz and give people more reasons to visit your website or get in touch. Make sure the images you use are good quality and saved in a format that will load quickly, no-one wants to wait while a huge image take hours to download. Video clips can be anything from a ‘talking head’ to some action footage of an event or presentation.
  • Ask questions – social is meant to be interactive, so engage your audience, find out what they think of your products or services – and remember to reply and thank them.
  • Create incentives – deals for early bookings, a competition for the best tweets, a prize for the most creative post, link to an online survey or poll, use the twitter hashtag to vote for a winner.
  • Link Social platforms to your business website – with so many different platforms there’s no excuse for not interacting with your customers on many levels. Try and vary the posts to avoid the same wording appearing in half a dozen places but check the main website links to all the channels and they all link back.
Dynamic Social Promotion

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