Shrovetide – Royal Shrovetide

Not a lot to do with photography but an amazing sight all the same. The whole town of Ashbourne comes together for a two day ‘football’ game that has very little to do with football and a lot to do with British eccentricity.

At 2.00 pm the ball is thrown into the air above a crowd of hundreds; some are players, most are spectators and general mayhem ensues and the opposing teams do their best to grab the ball and ‘goal it’ – the goals are three miles apart!

ShrovetideIt’s pretty much impossible to see what’s happening or take any pictures that do it justice but I grabbed this as the ball pinged clear of the players. They’ll still be playing until 10.00 tonight then part two starts again at 2.00 tomorrow.

I’m just guessing but I imagine there’ll be a few sore heads in the morning.

Shrovetide – Royal Shrovetide

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