The Thrill of Learning

Since I started to run photography training courses, I never fail to be delighted and amazed by the sheer joy as people discover what they can achieve once they have mastered a few basics.

What they are learning isn’t rocket science, it’s all out there in instruction manuals, bookshelves full of guides and countless videos on YouTube but somehow the ‘hands-on’ experiences is so much more satisfying.

It’s only natural that someone is going to pay to come on a course because they want to be there and they want to learn – no one is forcing them. Making the decision to go on a training course – any course – is an indication that you want someone to help you, someone who can answer your questions in a way that a book, manual or video never can.

Almost without fail, students start comparing notes, helping each other out and working out how to solve the assignments I set them with a little cooperation, trial and error and a few pointers from me where required.

Training groupThose coming on the “introduction to photography” courses do so because they want to move beyond the auto settings. They know the camera is capable of more but somehow they are reluctant to move out of their comfort zone without a guiding hand.

Practical exercises to experiment with aperture settings and shutter speeds and move into what the manufacturers like to call ‘creative modes’ leave them beaming when they see the results on screen.

There are loads of courses out there, run by experienced photographers who can teach you more in a few hours than you’d pick up in months or even years. ¬†They give you the time and opportunity to discover what you can do and what your camera is capable of.

The Thrill of Learning